Assistant Coach (Jumps Volunteer) – William Peace University

Institution: William Peace University

Location: Raleigh, NC

Salary: $0

Job Description

Event: Jumps (Possible Hurdles)
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Reporting to the Director of Track & Field and Cross Country, the individual serving in this position is responsible for the following duties as Assistant Coach for the Men’s & Women’s Jumps and/or hurdles:

~ Provides leadership and supervision in all aspects of the Men’s & Women’s Cross Country program including, recruitment, retention, academic support, practice preparation, game strategy, alumni development, fundraising, and community service
~ Recruits student athletes who meet the University’s admissions requirements using FrontRush software. Meets annual recruitment goals as developed annually by the Director of Athletics and Director of Admissions, including the evaluation, contact, and establishing relationships with prospective student-athletes and coaches
~ Ensures compliance with all University, USA South Conference, and NCAA rules and regulations related to recruiting and academic monitoring for student athletes
~ Ensures Department and University regulations are understood by and complied with by student athletes and coaching staff
~ Performs planning, organization and execution for on the field coaching duties as described and direct all practice sessions and competitions.
~ Functions in game day organization and assignments.
~ Evaluates opponents and the development of a plan in accordance with each event
~ Supervises, instructs and directs student-athletes.
~ Supports and works cooperatively with Sports Medicine/Athletic Training, Strength and Conditioning, Equipment, Student Life, Life Skills, NCAA Compliance, Media Relations etc. areas in accordance with department policies and procedures.
~ Performs duties with professional conduct, being fiscally responsible and with a commitment to student-athlete well-being.
~ Abides by all written policies, procedures and guidelines of William Peace University, the Department of Athletics, the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), and all applicable conferences or associations.

The individual serving in this position is responsible for the following duties as Assistant Coach for the Men’s & Women’s Track and Field team:

~ Knows and adheres to all applicable NCAA and university regulations that relate to recruiting, daily program management and operation of the individual sport.
~ As directed by the Director—must be able to recruit quality student athletes by means of personal contact, phone and written correspondence with player, coach and parents. Must be able to evaluate ability either in person or through videotape analysis. Must utilize FrontRush software to monitor recruiting contacts. May be asked to make frequent off-campus trips, at the direction of the Head Coach, to watch games/matches/meets. Must assist in arranging (with the Director and the Admissions Office) on-campus visits for prospective student athletes. Ensures compliance with NCAA guidelines for contacting and entertaining prospects.
~ Assists in scheduling games, practices, facility and vehicle use in conjunction with the Director of Athletics and other university staff.
~ Assists in scheduling and planning practices. Ensures compliance with NCAA regulations on Playing Season. Per NCAA Bylaw 17.01 and 17.02
~ Evaluates team and individual performance.
~ Develops and implements strategies for motivating student-athletes to perform at maximum levels as both individuals and a team.
~ Has a comprehensive knowledge of athletic conditioning and team physical training.
~ Monitors the condition of playing equipment and facilities used by his/her team to ensure the safety of student-athletes and staff.
~ Coordinates team travel in conjunction with the Head Coach.
~ Prepares game plans based on scouting reports and team evaluation.
~ Monitors the eligibility status and promote the academic progress of student-athletes.
~ Assists with approved fundraising activities, as requested.
~ Participates in clinics, exhibitions, and camps, as approved.
~ Responsible for campus facilities and equipment during practices/home sporting events.

Job Categories

NCAA Division III, Volunteer, Track and Field, Vertical Jumps, Horizontal Jumps

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