Assistant Coach (throws) – University of Hartford

Institution: University of Hartford

Location: West Hartford, Ct.

Salary: TBD

Job Description

Assistant Coach Full-Time (Throws)

Assumes responsibility for assisting in the management, administration and direction of all phases of a Division I sports program in compliance with the rules, regulations and policies of the University of Hartford and the Department of Intercollegiate Athletics. Assumes responsibility for adherence to rules and regulations governing University, America East and the NCAA, including assisting in the education process extended to alumni and the community. Performs all duties in full support of the University’s mission, understanding that the positive and effective execution of these duties are instrumental to the education of the University’s students.

Duties and Responsibilities:
• Enforces all policies and procedures of the Department of Athletics and University in addition to supporting a culture of compliance through the rules and regulations of the NCAA, the America East conference and any other authorities that affect the intercollegiate athletics program.
• Acts as primary liaison for the fan club. Assumes responsibility for maintaining member lists, contributions and correspondence as well as coordinating meetings and events in accordance to NCAA bylaws.
• Coordinates home and campus visits, including transcripts, itineraries, informational folders and finances in accordance to NCAA bylaws. Coordinates official and unofficial visits for any prospective student-athletes in accordance to NCAA bylaws. Assists with coordination of purchasing and distributing apparel and equipment.
• Participates in the planning and scheduling of regular practice sessions.
• Works with the Head Coach and the Program Administrator to arrange a competitive event schedule.
• Assists in NCAA compliance approved academic counseling of student-athletes and monitoring of their academic progress and eligibility status. Promotes academic progress of student-athletes.
• Participates in NCAA compliance approved clinics, exhibitions and other enrichment programs for professional development, community outreach and public relations.
• Participates in proactive NCAA compliance approved fundraising events for the program as well as broad athletic activities. Assists in the planning and execution of NCAA compliance approved summer camps.
• Works closely with the Business Manager to ensure adequate funding is available for NCAA compliance approved meals, entertainment, lodging, etc. for road trips and vacation periods.
• Oversees the conditioning and training of team members in conjunction with the Sports Medicine department, ensuring compliance with NCAA bylaws. Develops and implements strategies for motivating student-athletes to perform at maximum levels.
• Other duties as assigned.

Job Categories

NCAA Division I, Full-Time, Assistant Coach, Throws, Track and Field

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