Assistant Track and Field Coach (Jumps/Multi’s) – Western Colorado University

Institution: Western Colorado University

Location: Gunnison, Colo.

Salary: $13,000-$19,000

Job Description

Part-time jumps/multi coach or potential graduate assistant. Salary for part-time position is $13,000. However, if applicant would like to enroll in the High Altitude Exercise Physiology (HAEP) Masters program at Western Colorado University, an additional $6,000 would be available for work as a research assistant. Candidates will be considered regardless of intention to enroll in graduate studies. Those pursuing the graduate assistant alternative must gain acceptance to the HAEP program to gain research assistant funding. More information on the HAEP program and admission requirements can be found here.

Applicable duties consist of coaching vertical and horizontal jumps, pole vault and aiding in the event specific development of multis. The position will also serve as the primary recruiter for these event groups.

Demonstrated ability to coach and recruit at the collegiate-level preferred but not required.

Job Categories

NCAA Division II, Part-Time, Assistant Coach, Graduate Assistant, Track and Field, Horizontal Jumps, Vertical Jumps

How to Apply