Assistant Track & Field / Assistant Athletic Performance – University of North Carolina at Pembroke

Institution: University of North Carolina at Pembroke

Location: Pembroke, NC

Salary: TBA

Job Description

This position will serve as the primary S&C for all track & field student-athletes, in addition to 2-3 other teams.Implement and support new nutrition programming for student-athletes. Assistant coach will be primary event coach for throws position group, working closely with the Head Coach to design, organize, implement, facilitate, oversee and evaluate all NCAA Division II sports programs; reporting directly to the Head Coach.The Assistant Coach is responsible for assigned coaching responsibilities for the team, including: recruiting student athletes, monitoring student academic progress, film analysis, and any other duty as assigned by the Head Coach. Additional duties include fundraising, planning and scheduling practices, games, transportation, meals and public relations. Additional administrative duties as assigned by the Director of Athletics. The Assistant Coach will also teach as required.Coaches will coordinate evening study hall under the leadership of the Center for Student Success.The Assistant Coach must have significant knowledge of, and demonstrated success in, coaching the sport and possess excellent teaching and motivational skills. Ability required to work effectively in the environment of an academically demanding institution and abide by all NCAA Division II and institutional policies. A coach who is found in violation of NCAA regulations shall be subject to disciplinary or corrective actions as set forth in the provisions of the NCAA enforcement procedures. Furthermore, a coach may be suspended for a period of time, without pay, or employment terminated if the coach is found to be involved in any negligent or deliberate or serious violation of NCAA regulations.This is an eleven month position.

Job Categories

NCAA Division II, Full-Time, Assistant Coach, Track and Field, Throws

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