Assistant Track & Field Coach (Pole Vault – Part Time) – Moravian University

Institution: Moravian University

Location: Bethlehem, Pa.


Job Description

The Assistant Track & Field Coach is responsible to support the efforts in
conducting a representative program in the sport. This position is principally for coaching pole vaulters, and additional duties specified below will be the responsibilities for which the Assistant Track & Field Coach will be paid. A variety of other activities (for example, recruiting, team meetings, assisting with other event groups, etc.) will be offered to the Assistant Track & Field Coach for participation on a voluntary basis. If an Assistant Track & Field Coach elects to participate in any additional activities on behalf of the individual sport or the Athletic Department, it is with the understanding that these are strictly voluntary actions that will not result in additional compensable hours.

● Assist Head Coach with practice organization and meet day coaching, predominantly with pole
● Assist in the development of student-athletes by advising, educating, and motivating.
● Help Head Coach with team building and character development of student-athletes.
● Help lead Head Coach with other coaching, recruiting and/or administrative responsibilities as
deemed appropriate by the head coach.
● Performs other duties and special projects that may be assigned.
● The candidate must be available to coach pole vaulters two days per week (those days may be
flexible) and most track meets, which are typically held on Saturdays from January until as late as
the end of May.

Job Categories

NCAA Division III, Assistant Coach, Track and Field, Part-Time, Vertical Jumps

How to Apply