Associate Head Coach of XC/Distance – College of the Holy Cross

Institution: College of the Holy Cross

Location: Worcester, Mass.


Job Description

The associate head coach provides leadership to the Men’s and Women’s Cross Country programs and distance runners to aid in their consistent athletic and academic success. Their leadership should reflect the department’s commitment to its core tenets of integrity, community, urgency and excellence.

The associate head coach’s primary responsibilities are designing safe and effective training plans, assessing comprehension of skills and techniques, and preparing student-athletes for competition. The position, with help from support staff, is responsible for operations for the men’s and women’s cross-country teams and assisting with the track and field programs, as it applies to travel, scheduling, and any home athletics competitions.
The position is responsible for the identification and recruitment of high-caliber and academically qualified prospective student-athletes for the cross-country and distance programs.

The associate head coach, as an acting representative for the College of the Holy Cross, the Patriot League and NCAA, must perform all duties in compliance and with consideration to the core values, rules, and regulations of those entities.

Primary Responsibilities (50%): Coaching

  • Provide individual and team instruction to student-athletes on:
    rules & fundamentals skill attainment techniques and methods required to demonstrate satisfactory performance in a safe manner
    team concepts
  • Provide individualized coaching/tutoring/mentoring to student-athletes, including preparatory work that includes:
  • Assessing student-athlete skill attainment demonstrated during practice, competition, and in films of both practice and competition
  • Developing a yearly plan for athletes that focuses on peak performances at championship meets.
  • Developing instruction for individual student-athletes and specific team needs
  • Determining pre-competition activities that will be conducted during days of competition
  • Attending workshops and training sessions to research methods to provide student-athletes with training and instruction on: rules, fundamentals, team concepts, physical health, safety, skill attainment, conference rules and regulations

Secondary responsibilities (30%): Recruiting

  • Identifying talented, academically qualified prospective student-athletes in Cross Country and Distance
  • Communicating and engaging with recruits and HS coaches within NCAA guidelines
  • Maintaining organized and up-to-date records of all recruiting activities for compliance purposes
  • Traveling to high school athletics competitions during NCAA evaluation periods
  • Submitting information to offices of financial aid and admissions in a timely manner in support of recruits.

Administrative duties as assigned, including, but not limited to (20%):

  • Collaborating with director, sports supervisor and Athletic Director to develop annual goals for the program
  • Maintaining and sharing records, practice plans and calendars with director and athletes
  • Monitoring and working within team budget for cross-country.
  • Completing all expense reporting within a timely fashion.
  • Effectively communicating with all coaches, alumni, prospects, and parents
  • Tracking academic progress of student-athletes and providing counseling as appropriate
  • Alumni outreach and engagement: Fundraising, marketing, and promotional activities
  • Scheduling of team practices, meetings, community and student-development activities
  • Written communications in support of student-athletes (ie. references, recommendations and nominations)
  • Maintaining accurate team calendar and CARA logs
  • Arranging travel for athletics competition and recruiting
  • Planning and operations of home athletics contests
  • Administering sports camps as directed by director and athletics administration
  • Performs other duties as assigned by director, sports supervisor and Director of Athletics

Job Categories

Full-Time, Assistant Coach, Cross Country, Distance, NCAA Division I

How to Apply

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