Graduate Assistant Coach – Edgewood College

Institution: Edgewood College

Location: Madison, Wis.

Salary: Tuition reimbursement

Job Description

This position reports directly to the Head Coach for Cross Country and Track, under the direction of the Director of Athletics. The position is responsible for program support of the Edgewood College Cross Country and Track Programs.
Sport Teaching

• Assist each team member in reaching their athletic potential, in a manner consistent with the College’s Values.
• Teach team members proper techniques, strategies and, skills that foster growth, development of potential and, opportunities to achieve success
• Support the Head Coach in developing a strong sense of team within the Program, the Department and the College.
• Assist in organized and productive practice sessions
• Prepare team members for high levels of collegiate competition
• Support the academic and future occupational goals of each team member
• Model and foster appropriate sportsmanship, competitiveness, and humility

• Identify outstanding student-athlete candidates for Edgewood College and the Program.
• Develop relationships with recruited student-athletes and parents/guardians.
• Develop relationships with high school/club coaches, teachers, alumni, and others that can aid in the recruitment of student-athletes.
• Organize, coordinate, and delegate recruiting tasks including recruiting correspondence via mail, email, telephone, social media and others forms as needed to coaching staff
• Work closely with the Admissions Office on all recruiting activities.

Compliance Oversight
• Maintain a current working knowledge of NCAA and conference regulations, and assist in the adherence to them.

• Assist in travel arrangements, academic monitoring, purchasing apparel/equipment, and other needs for the program.
• Other duties as assigned.

Job Categories

NCAA Division III

How to Apply

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