Graduate Assistant Coach – Russell Sage College

Institution: Russell Sage College

Location: Albany, NY

Salary: $2,000 stipend and 6 credit waiver

Job Description

Position: Graduate Assistant available for Fall and Spring semester and would include working 300 hours, $2,000 stipend and 6 credit waiver.

Duties: Primary responsibilities include: Assisting the head coach attracting, recruiting and retaining student-athletes who fit the educational mission of Russell Sage College. The position requires the development of an intercollegiate athletic experience, which emphasizes high levels of academic and athletic performance in an appropriate balance

Specific coaching responsibilities include:
● Game and practice preparation, coaching, and travel
● Training, practice development and organization
● Recruitment efforts to possibly include travel, phone contacts, mailings and networking
● Attending and participating in admissions’ recruiting activities
● Tracking recruiting efforts
● Compliance with NCAA and conference legislation
● Fundraising for team activities
● Attending coaches meetings and other departmental meetings
● Other duties as assigned by the Head Coach and/or the Director of Athletics

Position Requirements: Highly organized, detail oriented individual; proficiency in Word and Excel required; experience with Front Rush software preferred; previous experience in college athletic setting preferred; ability to work nights and weekends.

Job Categories

Graduate Assistant, NCAA Division III

How to Apply