Graduate Assistant Coach (Throws, Multis, or PV) – Wheeling University

Institution: Wheeling University

Location: Wheeling, WV


Job Description

-Provides assistance to the head coach. Will assist with tactical play and analysis; individual technical advice; and game knowledge and experience. Other duties as assigned
-Responsible for assisting with player development both on an individual and team basis
-Will coordinate and participate in specific practice training and fitness sessions relative to the sport
Will schedule role specific targets by assessing individual players; and informs players of his/her responsibilities, duties and roles
-Other duties as assigned
Performance Standards
-Able to perform duties with minimal supervision.
-Ability to take and give direction
-Can coach athletes regardless of performance level.
-Helps athletes use their talents to achieve key goals.
-Ability to recognize athletes’ potential and works to build on it.
-Supports athletes going outside of their comfort zone.
-Encourages repeating and building upon areas of strength.
-Suggests methods to improve performance.
-Models success behaviors, a positive work manner and constant self improvement.
Key Accountability
-Scouting and Recruiting Assistance

Job Duties
-Assists the Head Coach with the scouting and recruiting of future student athletes.
-Includes following all NCAA, conference and University regulations and guidelines; assessing athletic talent and academic performance of potential student athletes; determining who meets the athletic requirements and University academic standards; and coordinating scholarships per the University’s approved model. Other duties as assigned.
Performance Standards
-Able to communicate the University’s mission, vision and values.
-Maintains an approachable, professional demeanor.
-Builds rapport by listening, talking and encouraging others.
-Capitalizes on formal and informal networks to meet a goal.
-Displays passion and dedication for the University.
-Articulate and outgoing.
-Proficient (or ability to become proficient) with recruiting software.
General Support
-Supports and promotes the University’s sports’ programs. Other duties as assigned.
-Displays a positive demeanor.
-Capable of prioritizing needs with deadlines.
-Ability to relate to others in a professional, positive manner.
-Promotes events / activities.

Job Categories

NCAA Division II, Graduate Assistant, Track and Field, Throws, Vertical Jumps

How to Apply