Graduate Assistant Coach (Throws) – University of Mobile

Institution: University of Mobile

Location: Mobile, Ala.

Salary: Full graduate tuition and housing

Job Description

Position Responsibilities:
• Develop, oversee weight room sessions and event coaching (practice and competition) – throwing events
• Assist in recruiting and scouting qualified student-athletes
• Oversee academic study hall hours
• Assist in fundraising and promotion of the track and field program
• Assist in home meet management
• Practice planning and organizing
• Ability to handle and maintain confidential information
• Ability to effectively communicate through oral, written and electronically with recruits, current student-athletes and coaches
• Any other duties assigned by the head or assistant coach

Job Categories

Graduate Assistant, Throws, NAIA

How to Apply

Other Instructions
To Apply:
Email – include a cover letter, resume and three professional references