Graduate Assistant for Track and Field/XC – Northwest Missouri State University

Institution: Northwest Missouri State University

Location: Maryville, Mo.

Salary: Tuition Waiver + $6,000 Stipend

Job Description

Assist coaching staff in any manner necessary in order to have successful practices, meets, and overall quality of the track and field/cross country program. The primary responsibility of the Graduate Assistant is to provide full support of the program to which the individual is assigned. This position will support the Athletics department and School of Health Science and Wellness.

Assigned duties from the Director of Athletics and head coach
Recruit potential Northwest student-athletes
Follow up on class work and grades with students
Coach event(s) group(s) at practice and competitions
Teach athletes new concepts and ideas
Assist with practice/practice preparation
Assist with meets/meet preparation
Assist with equipment preparation/inventory
Position may require working with home track meets/sports camps as needed.
May require driving a University vehicle on and off campus to transport students and/or equipment for participation in organized athletics events while conducting University business
Require valid US driver’s license and must have in possession while driving
If expected to operate a 15-passenger vehicle, must complete a training session with Facility Services prior to operating the vehicle

Job Categories

NCAA Division II

How to Apply

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