Graduate Assistant – Smith College

Institution: Smith College

Location: Northampton, Mass.


Job Description

Tuition scholarships and work awards are available for individuals interested in pursuing a master’s degree with a specialization in coaching women at the intercollegiate level including those who want a position coaching Cross Country and/or Track & Field. Candidates should have an undergraduate academic record of high caliber, and advanced skill and/or experience coaching/teaching.

Awards: Scholarships vary. Please inquire for details.
Adrien Ricci –

Stipends: Work awards vary. Please inquire for details.
Adrien Ricci –

Required Education: 4 year degree

Employer Information: The graduate program in exercise and sport studies prepares individuals to coach women’s collegiate teams or prepare athletes/teams in Cross Country and/or Track & Field. Recognized nationally for its excellence, our program received Level V accreditation from the National Association for Sport and Physical Education. The program connects theory with practice by linking coursework with assistant coaching experiences.

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Graduate Assistant

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