Graduate Assistant (Throws or Jumps) – Michigan Tech University

Institution: Michigan Tech University

Location: Houghton, Mich.

Salary: Graduate Tuition + Stipend

Job Description

Work with Head Coach to oversee all aspects of the track and field programs.
Assist with the recruitment of quality student athletes on a regional and national level.
Evaluate Michigan Tech team capabilities to manage/prepare team for competition; advise regarding training and competition strategy.
Enhance and promote the internal and external visibility and recognition of the University and teams to alumni, and campus and off campus groups.
Assist with and actively participate in fundraising activities.
Monitor and promote the academic success of student athletes.
Represent and act on behalf of the university.
Maintain a good academic standing with the graduate school.
Complete all safety trainings, first aid/CPR, and NCAA Coaching Compliance tests

Job Categories

NCAA Division II

How to Apply