Graduate Assistant Track & Field and Cross Country – Tulane University

Institution: Tulane University

Location: New Orleans, La.

Salary: • Monthly stipend • On-campus meal allotment • SoPA Graduate degree program tuition

Job Description

• Assist in the operation and administration of Track and Field/Cross Country Program.
• Assist in the coordinating and scheduling of facilities for practices and team events.
• Assist in team transportation to/from practice & competition.
• Assist in Coaching area(s) yet to be decided.
• Assist in the monitoring of program operating budget.
• Coordinate team meals and events.
• Knowledge and understanding of the NCAA Division I rules related to their on-going performance of duties within an NCAA Division I program and commitment to follow those rules.
• Assist in monitoring strength training sessions.
• Assist in monitoring team’s academic progress.
• Learn and utilize ARMS compliance software.
• Manage and coordinate aspects of team travel.
• Assist in management of equipment disbursement.
• Coordinate team schedules and calendars.
• Coordinate recruiting visits.
• Preference to applicants with interest in Coaching at the collegiate level.
• Other tasks and duties as assigned by the Director of Cross-Country and Track & Field.

Job Categories

NCAA Division I, Graduate Assistant, Track and Field, Cross Country

How to Apply