Graduate Assistant Track & Field Coach – Augusta University

Institution: Augusta University

Location: Augusta, Ga.

Salary: $5000 per semester

Job Description

Includes a tuition waiver (fees not included) and stipend per semester (paid biweekly).
No housing, or meal plans. Must be admitted to a Graduate Program other than Allied Health.

Responsibilities will include, but are not limited to: assisting with all aspects of operating a collegiate Track and Field program, including leading daily practices, fundraising, student-athlete academic monitoring and success, travel, compliance with all NCAA, PBC and Augusta University rules and regulations, etc.
The candidate must have the ability to effectively teach and lead student-athletes in the areas of Sprints, Jumps, or Multi events. Also, have the ability to effectively communicate through oral, written and electronic forms. A successful candidate will also have strong interpersonal skills and the ability to motivate student-athletes in a group or individual setting. The candidate must actively support the mission of the university by working with faculty, staff and students to share in our mission to educate and inspire students to discover their passion and become innovative leaders of character around the world. The candidate must complete the NCAA coaching education modules, pass all background checks, including a driving background check and overnight/weekend travel is required.

Job Categories

NCAA Division II, Part-Time, Assistant Coach, Graduate Assistant, Track and Field, Sprints, Hurdles, Horizontal Jumps, Vertical Jumps

How to Apply