Head Coach, Girls and Boys Varsity Track – Hawken School

Institution: Hawken School

Location: Gates Mills, Ohio

Salary: Competitive, relative to experience

Job Description


Hawken School is committed to doing school differently and better. This means developing an inclusive and accepting community where adults feel empowered to design educational experiences for students that deepen their learning, engaging their emotions as well as their intellects. Hawken School seeks culturally competent teachers who are committed to equity and social justice, comfortable taking risks, and who embrace a growth mindset. Our faculty members are constantly looking for new ways to inspire student curiosity while remaining dedicated to nurturing compassion and kindness in our students.
Successful candidates for any role at Hawken School must demonstrate skill and commitment in all the following key areas:

Mission, Culture, and Philosophy Alignment
Candidates must show they can thrive at Hawken and are highly motivated by the school’s mission.

Fair Play: Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Justice
Candidates must indicate a commitment to and have experience with serving students and communities equitably.

Relationship Building and Cultivation Candidates must show they can build relationships throughout the Hawken community.

Content Knowledge
Candidates must demonstrate that they can lead and guide colleagues and/students to depth in their work.

Humility and Growth Mindset
Candidates must be eager to learn new approaches and methods and be able to team effectively with others.

Approach to Work
Candidates must show initiative and agency with a commitment toward feedback and flexible problem solving.

Job opening/Position: Head Coach, Girls & Boys Varsity Track & Field
THE POSITION: Hawken School is seeking an experienced and dynamic Girls & Boys Varsity Track & Field Head Coach for the 2022 season. Coaching the indoor season 2021-2022 is also desired. Hawken Track & Field is an historic regional and state power in girls and boys track. The Hawks have two team State Championships in school history, four State-Runners-up, 28 individual State Champions, and scores of State Placers. Planning, staffing, off-season training programs, and development of youth and middle school programming are to be addressed upon hire. Strong leadership and collaborative skills, a positive, education-based approach, and a deep understanding of the sport are a must.
Candidates should be dynamic, energetic, and motivated, and possess a willingness to commit the required time.

The essential duties/responsibilities of the position include but are not limited to the following:

  • Lead a highly competitive track & field program which aligns with
  • Hawken’s mission of character
    education and Fair Play
  • Build on well-established traditions of quality instruction, hard work, skillful individual and team play, and a team-first approach
  • Plan, organize, and execute off-season, winter, and pre-season training and preparation program
  • Work closely with our strength & conditioning coaches and programs
  • Oversee all aspects of program including long-term vision and goals, community outreach and communication, sub-varsity goals and objectives, and student-athlete life
  • Other duties as assigned by the Director of Athletics

Qualifications: Previous Head Coaching is desired; previous demonstrated success in track as an athlete and coaching at a high level is required. Must hold valid Pupil Activity Permit and associated certifications.

How to Apply: send cover letter, resume, and references to Jim Doyle, Director of Athletics, jdoyl@hawken.edu

Application Deadline: November 1, 2021

Job Categories

High School, Head Coach, Track and Field

How to Apply

Other Instructions
Send cover letter, resume, and references to Jim Doyle, Director of Athletics, jdoyl@hawken.edu