Head Coach, Men’s & Women’s Cross Country – Fairfield University

Institution: Fairfield University

Location: Fairfield, Ct.


Job Description


BASIC FUNCTION: The Head Coach is responsible for the planning and execution of a successful athletic program. This must operate within the framework of the NCAA and the Conference to which the University belongs and coincide with the goals and objectives of the Department of Athletics. Responsible for knowledge and skills in the sport which is being represented.


EDUCATION: A Bachelor’s degree is required. A Masters degree is preferred.

EXPERIENCE: Previous experience as a collegiate student-athlete and/or collegiate coaching in the sport of Cross Country is required. Demonstrated effective leadership, communication, interpersonal and organizational skills is required. skills.

SUPERVISION OF PERSONNEL: DIRECT: Assistant Coach(es), Student Manager (if available), INDIRECT: Graduate Assistant (if permitted)

REPORTS TO: Athletic Administrator To Whom Assigned


1. To be responsible for a successful program. This involves:

  • adhering to all University, Conference and NCAA rules and regulations.
  • overseeing and participating in the recruitment of athletes.
  • helping to maintain the academic progress of all student-athletes through interaction with the Director of Student-Athlete Success.
  • acting as the University representative for alumni and University functions.
  • overseeing and providing counseling, training and conditioning of athletes.
  • preparing the team for competition during a traditional and non-traditional season.
  • submitting annual plan of action and an end of season report.
  • coordinating travel arrangements with the Sport Administrator who supervises the program.
  • managing team in a fair, honest, efficient and financially responsible manner.
  • supporting (when/if conducted) drug-testing of student athletes according to institutional policy
  • participating in a yearly performance evaluation.
  • scheduling competitions and obtaining officials.

2. To be responsible for the planning of the program. This involves:

  • developing an annual schedule with the sport administrator who supervises the program.
  • recommending improvements to enhance the program.
  • preparing accurate practice and playing season information for the NCAA.

3. To be responsible for the management of staff (as applicable). This involves:

  • supervising, hiring and evaluation of staff performance.
  • communicating effectively with staff concerning pertinent departmental and University matters.
  • maintaining a climate conducive to the professional growth of the staff.

4. To have the opportunity to organize and administer a quality summer camp program.

5. To be responsible for the application of a budget. This involves:

  • planning for and projecting the annual budgetary needs of the program for the upcoming fiscal year.
  • approving all expenditures throughout the fiscal year.

6. To interact with University departments on Athletic activities. This includes but is not limited to:

  • assisting Sports Information Department with statistics.
  • coordinating with the Director of Equipment Operations on the ordering and inventory of equipment within budget confines.
  • interacting with external organizations to foster positive media relations.
  • coordinating with Athletics Advancement staff on various fundraising initiatives.
  • working with Sports Medicine regarding injury reports and the on-going care/rehab of student-athletes as needed
  • developing a comprehensive strength and conditioning/nutrition program with Sports Performance staff.

7. To interact with all department administrators in fulfilling the philosophy and objectives of the intercollegiate program.

8. To receive annual written approval from the Athletic Director and the President prior to receiving any athletically related income and benefits from sources outside the institution including contractual agreements and letters of appointment. Sources of income shall include but are not limited to: income from annuities; sports camps; housing benefits (including preferential housing arrangements); country club memberships; complimentary ticket sales; television and radio programs; and endorsements or consultations with athletics shoe, apparel or equipment manufacturers.

9. To participate in the professional development of the department. This involves:

  • monitoring developments in College Athletics and the sport of cross country/running through membership in professional associations, attendance at workshops seminars, and in the reading of professional literature.
  • representing the University in national, regional and local organizations.
  • promoting a courteous image as a University representative.
  • attending departmental meetings and informing staff regarding relevant information.
  • ensuring student athletes, individual and team efforts, are recognized.
  • communicating effectively with Supervisor concerning pertinent departmental matters.
  • representing the University in national, regional and local organizations.
  • supporting the University’s mission including participating in community service activities as possible.

10. To promote safe and secure working conditions. This involves:

  • promoting the proper utilization of equipment, tools and staff.
  • notifying Supervisor immediately of any unsafe working conditions.

11. To perform additional duties as part of a secondary administrative or support service role in the department to be determined based on experience and skill set.

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NCAA Division I, Head Coach, Cross Country, Distance

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