Head Cross Country Coach – Dallas Christian College

Institution: Dallas Christian College

Location: Dallas, Texas

Salary: Commensurate upon experience

Job Description

The Head Cross Country Coach is responsible for recruiting, assembling, and developing the soccer program to a level of annual regional and national tournaments. The position conducts practices, motivates and mentors students, and instructs student athletes in game strategies and techniques. The coach will be responsible for the recruitment and retaining of players who understand and appreciate the mission of Dallas Christian College.
Essential Functions:
-Management of the XC program including scheduling practices, game contracting (with the Athletic Director’s approval), and team management.
-Be a positive Christian influence for the players, along with being responsible for players conduct before, during and after all games.
-Organize and conduct practice sessions for the pre-season and off-season.
-Manage transportation and lodging for the team.
-Facilitate budgeting and spending based on the Athletics budget in communication with the Athletic Director.
-Actively recruit and work to retain XC Student Athletes.
-Schedule and communicate with referees for all games.
Position Qualifications:
-Education= Bachelor’s degree required
-Experience= Previous playing experience in Christian college athletics preferred. Coaching experience preferred. Previous experience in a leadership position preferred.
Skills & Abilities:
Spiritual Character= Possess a deep appreciation of the Lordship of Jesus Christ, the centrality of prayer and Scripture in the life of the believer and maintain an active spiritual life.
Leadership Skills= Should be able to organize and effectively lead a team.
Other Requirements: Should be able to lift and move equipment up to 50 lbs.

Job Categories

Full-Time, Head Coach, Cross Country

How to Apply

To apply, please send resume to HR@DALLAS.EDU or gmucerino@dallas.edu.