Men’s and Women’s Track & Field Teaching Fellowship – Springfield College

Institution: Springfield College

Location: Springfield, Mass.

Salary: $4,000

Job Description

Primary Responsibilities:

The Fellow will have responsibilities assisting with the coaching, planning and execution of daily practices. The Fellow is responsible for assisting the head coach with skill instruction, game review, game preparation and position specific technique and individual meetings. The Fellow will be an instrumental part of home and away contest coaching. The Fellow will also be teaching up to two PEAC classes per semester within the Department of Health, Physical Education and Recreation. Within the class, skill development, lecture and evaluation will take place.

Secondary Responsibilities:

The Fellow will take on other responsibilities vital to the success of the program. These responsibilities might include recruiting, team travel preparation, managing social media accounts, general office tasks, and other duties as assigned by the Head Coach.

Fellowship Required Qualifications

Required Qualifications:

A successful candidate will have the following qualifications:

Coaching/Teaching/Playing experience in track and field
Excellent organizational and communication skills
Strong leadership skills
US driver’s license is preferred
Position Requirements:

Be accepted into a full-time graduate program at Springfield College
Remain in good academic standing with Springfield College
Pass the NCAA recruiting test
Certified in CPR/First Aid/AED
Tuition Waiver: 18 credits per year
Annual Stipend: $4,000

Application Deadline: February 15

Job Specific Contact: Mike Miller, Assistant Professor & Head Track and Field Coach

To Apply: Please send Resume, Cover letter and Application
to: Diane Johnson,

Job Categories

NCAA Division III

How to Apply

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