Part-Time Assistant Jumps/Throws – University of Scranton

Institution: University of Scranton

Location: Scranton, Pa.

Salary: $4,000

Job Description

Responsible for programing, and implementing and administering workouts for the throws and/or jumps event group. Applicant should adhere to the guidelines, rules and regulations of The University of Scranton, Landmark Conference and the NCAA.
– Lead training and practice sessions for throwers, ensuring that all appropriate safety guidelines and standards are maintained

– Perform throws specific coaching and instructional responsibilities during athletic events

– Attend coach’s preparatory meetings and implement strategies resulting from these meetings

– Develop a comprehensive and functional knowledge of the sport and maintain a thorough and continuing familiarity with all applicable University, Landmark Conference and NCAA regulations

– Scout and recruit quality student-athletes under the guidance and direction of the head coach and coordinate all recruiting activities with the head coach and with appropriate departmental personnel

– Work closely with athletic training staff to insure safety of all student-athletes

– Represents the sports program to various institutional programs and externally to the media, alumni, students, parents, faculty, staff and the general public

Job Categories

NCAA Division III, Part-Time, Assistant Coach, Track and Field, Horizontal Jumps, Vertical Jumps, Throws

How to Apply

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