Part-Time Assistant Men’s and Women’s Track & Field Coach (Sprints, Hurdles, and/or Jumps) – New Jersey Institute of Technology

Institution: New Jersey Institute of Technology

Location: Newark, NJ


Job Description

Position Summary:
As the Part-time Men’s & Women’s Track Coach for NJIT’s intercollegiate Track & Field teams, this function finds the incumbent able to effectively coach sprints, hurdles, and jumps. Duties include generating individual training plans for assigned athletes, recruiting, and other duties as assigned by the head coach. To accomplish this role, responsibilities will include, but not be limited to:

Essential Functions:
1. Coaching and Teaching Activities: This function finds its incumbent providing a full array of services related to the Men’s & Women’s Track & Field Program. By way of illustration and not limitation, this function:

  • Assists in organizing, preparing, and conducting individual and team practices, training and competition
  • Assists in the identification and recruitment of prospective student-athletes for the intercollegiate Track & Field program, in accordance with NCAA rules, regulations, guidelines and standards
  • Provides guidance and assistance to student-athletes on a range of personal issues, as required
  • Leads, monitors and coordinates training and practice sessions, ensuring that all appropriate safety guidelines and standards are maintained
  • Assists with team travel arrangements
  • Fundraises, as needed in coordination with University Advancement, to supplement additional monies for the program
  • Recommends the purchasing of equipment and uniform apparel as needed for the intercollegiate Track & Field program
  • Provides assistance in the coordination and administration of the program as required
  • Represents the sports program to various institutional programs and to government agencies, funding agencies, students, parents and the general public

2. NCAA Compliance: Knowledge of and adherence to all applicable NCAA rules, regulations, bylaws, constitutions and related university rules, regulations and policies.

Additional Functions:
Performs other duties as assigned.

Job Categories

NCAA Division I, Part-Time, Assistant Coach, Track and Field, Sprints, Hurdles, Horizontal Jumps, Vertical Jumps

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