Part-Time Assistant Track and Field Coach – North Iowa Area Community College

Institution: North Iowa Area Community College

Location: Mason City, Iowa

Salary: $6,000 with room and board available

Job Description

Part-Time 10-month Memorandum of Understanding, $6,000 salary (no benefits) room and board available

Basic Function: Duties and responsibilities include, but are not limited to, assisting the Head Coach in all aspects of the NJCAA intercollegiate track and field programs.

Required Qualifications:

Associate’s degree from an accredited college or university
Coaching experience or demonstrated ability to coach college
Ability to recruit and retain qualified student athletes
Effective oral and written communication skills
Effective computer skills
Effective human relations and ability to communicate with varying age groups
Ability to raise funds with the community
Valid driver’s license
Preferred Qualifications:

Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university
Experience competing or coaching college track and field
Thorough knowledge of NJCAA compliance
Sprints and hurdles knowledge/experience

Recruiting and retaining qualified students to help take the program forward, monitor their academic performance and hold study tables in order to help athletes progress successfully towards completion and graduation.
Coaching and supervising the track and field teams during scheduled practices, games and other events linked to the track and field program.
Maintaining responsibility for expense control and compliance with all program expenditures, staying with budget.
Assist the program with all NJCAA rules and regulations.
Assist in developing strategies to motivate maximum level of individual and team athletic performance required to build and maintain a competitive, high quality NJCAA program.
Develop strategies to ensure a safe environment for the athletes.
Promoting the athletic program both on-campus and off-campus and actively participating in and contributing professionally to the athletic department.
Planning and conducting campus and other fundraising coordinated with the Head Coach.
Fulfilling other duties and responsibilities as assigned by the Head Coach or Athletic Director.
Perform in a manner which strengthens the coordination and cooperation of all organizational components of the College, including opportunities for student recruitment.
NIACC Core Principles: All employees are expected to adhere to all NIACC policies and procedures. NIACC administration, faculty and staff value a positive working environment and an environment of mutual respect, therefore, all employees are to maintain a positive attitude and respect for others when working with all NIACC departments, employees, partners, and the public.

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