Part-Time Assistant Track & Field Coach – Indiana University East

Institution: Indiana University East

Location: Richmond, Ind.

Salary: $15/hr

Job Description

The part-time Assistant Track and Field Coach will perform a variety of roles for the sport assigned to, including making contact with recruits, setting up visits with recruits, helping with recruit’s visits, and helping with supervision and coaching at practices and matches. The position will report to the Head Coach assigned to or the Athletic Director. This is a temporary hourly position in the Athletic Department and all duties of the position must be conducted in adherence with the policies, rules, and regulations of affiliated national, regional, and state intercollegiate athletic associations, the NAIA, and the University.

The Assistant Coach will not engage in any outside activities in television, radio, clothing or shoe sponsorship, internet, or camps, unless those activities are expressly approved in writing and in advance by the Athletic Director.

The pay for this position is $15.00 per hour and the hours vary.

Primary duties and responsibilities:

The Assistant Coach will actively recruit quality student-athletes for the assigned sport. This can and will include calling, emailing, and visiting coaches, Athletic Directors, student-athletes and events for the purpose of having them admitted to IU East for the participation in the athletic team.
The Assistant Coach will provide coaching and supervision during practices and matches. This may include specific coaching areas or may be general oversight.
The Assistant Coach may be asked to help out with another team’s recruiting needs, as well as another team’s supervision, if the need arises. This request will be made through the Athletic Director or Assistant Athletic Director.

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