Track & Field Graduate Assistant – University of La Verne

Institution: University of La Verne

Location: La Verne, Calif.

Salary: Tuition and Stipend

Job Description

The University of La Verne is seeking graduate assistant applicants for the 2020/2021 academic year. The position requires flexible schedule and includes early mornings, evenings and weekends. Prefer former collegiate track or cross-country athlete.

Requirements: Experience with jumps, multi’s and social media platforms preferred. Viable candidates should apply for acceptance into an ULV Graduate Program and must be accepted prior to being offer the GA coaching position. Must pass a background check prior to coaching.

GA Job Duties:
• assist the Head coach with equipment maintenance, purchasing, inventory and distribution.
• Recruiting of new athletes, local and national. Must be willing and able to travel to high school meets, set up presentations and communicate with other coaches.
• Study hall monitoring
• Assist with practice plans, warmups, cool downs, etc….
• Will be responsible for event groups as assigned by the head coach
• Assist with all travel arrangements, including transportation, lodging and meals
• Responsible for assisting with the strength and conditioning program as needed
• Expected to travel to all meets
• Expected to be at all practices
• Assist with all social media platforms for ULV Track & Field and XC programs
• Other duties as assigned by the head coach

Job Categories

NCAA Division III

How to Apply