Volunteer Assistant Coach (Sprints/Hurdles) – College of the Holy Cross

Institution: College of the Holy Cross

Location: Worcester, Mass.

Salary: Volunteer

Job Description

• The assistant coach is responsible for assisting the women’s head coach with the development and competitiveness of a Division 1 program primarily by instructing student-athletes on track and field skills and techniques, assessing comprehension of skills and techniques, and preparing student-athletes for competition.

• The assistant coach, as an acting representative for the College of the Holy Cross, the Patriot League and NCAA, must perform all duties in compliance and with consideration to the core values, rules and regulations of those entities.

• Primary Responsibilities: Sprints/Hurdles

Specific Role:
• Provide individual and team instruction to student-athletes on: rules & fundamentals, skill attainment, techniques and methods required to demonstrate satisfactory performance in a safe manner, team concepts
• Provide individualized coaching/tutoring/mentoring to student-athletes, including preparatory work that includes: assessing student-athlete skill attainment, going over film of practice and competition, and developing a plan for athletes that focuses on peak performances at championship meets.
• Developing instruction for individual student-athletes and specific team needs
• Determining pre-competition activities that will be conducted during days of
• Willingness to attend funded workshops and training sessions
• Provide student-athletes with training and instruction on: track and field rules, fundamentals, team concepts, physical health, safety, skill attainment, conference rules and regulations

Job Categories

NCAA Division I

How to Apply