Volunteer Assistant Coach – Towson University

Institution: Towson University

Location: Towson, Md.


Job Description

Currently seeking applicants for Volunteer Assistant Coaches in various event groups. Requirements include a minimum of bachelor’s degree and relevant experience as a track and field/cross country coach and or athlete in the event area at the college level is preferred. Applicants will be responsible for assisting with various aspects of practice and competition including; set-up and break down of practice sessions, assist with supervising and conducting practice sessions and coaching at competition at the direction of event coach and or head coach, must be able to complete the necessary NCAA compliance requirements, must be able to complete university training courses to operate university vehicles, must have the ability to demonstrate drilling techniques if needed and maintain appropriate relationships with student-athletes in a mentorship manner.

Job Categories

NCAA Division I, Part-Time, Volunteer, Cross Country, Track and Field, Hurdles, Vertical Jumps, Distance

How to Apply