Volunteer Coach (Sprints/Jumps) – Villanova University

Institution: Villanova University

Location: Villanova, Pa.

Salary: N/A

Job Description

Possessing knowledge of sprinting and Jumping events with preferable track and field experience as an athlete or a coach.

Assist coaching staff with practice logistics including, but not limited to measuring distances, setting up cones, setting up hurdles and scheduling practice times. It would also include weigh room supervision and video-taping practice.

Willing to attend competitions on weekends and assist with meet management where applicable. Assist during competitions and any necessary videotaping.

Work with staff and coaches to handle equipment ordering and distribution. Possess and understanding of the varied equipment needs for specific event groups.

Work closely with coaching staff to fulfill compliance paperwork including but not limited to time management logs and practice logs.
Understand social media trends and the ability to integrate with team social media.

Must possess strong organizational skills.

General knowledge of NCAA rules.

Job Categories

NCAA Division I, Volunteer, Track and Field, Sprints, Hurdles, Horizontal Jumps, Vertical Jumps

How to Apply