Women’s & Men’s Throws Coach – Albion College

Institution: Albion College

Location: Albion, Mich.


Job Description


Albion College invites applications for the Assistant Men’s and Women’s Track and Field Throws Coach position. We are especially interested in candidates who will contribute to a campus climate that supports equity, diversity, and belonging. The Assistant Coach supports the Director in all aspects of coaching and administrating Albion College’s varsity sports team. This includes (but not limited to) film break down, conditioning, technique training, mental preparation, and game plan preparation. In addition, the position also works closely with Admissions in recruiting students.

Albion College is an anti-racist institution. This position will actively promote diversity, belonging and equity through critical and compassionate communication and strategic outreach efforts to various students, faculty and staff (e.g., historically under-represented, first-generation, undocumented and DACA students, LGBTQ students).

This position is eligible for full benefits including health/dental/vision insurance, retirement, tuition remission, and campus amenities including free on-site fitness facility, free parking, and access to campus events/performances.
FLSA Classification: Salaried / Exempt / Teacher Full-Time/Part-Time: Full-Time
Position Duration: 10 months per year (August 1 – May 31)

• Bachelor’s degree required

• 1 to 2 years of experience coaching at the varsity high school level or higher; or 4 to 5 years of
combined experience as a NCAA athlete or student manager and competitive coach

• Knowledge, and ability to coach collegiate throwing events.

Job Categories

NCAA Division III, Assistant Coach, Track and Field, Throws

How to Apply

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