TFA251: Track and Field Technical Certification

Once you purchase the TFA 251 course, you will have 30 days to complete all lessons and the TFTC test.  Once your payment is complete, you can access the course by clicking on the menu in the upper-left, mouse over Track and Field Academy, and then click on TFA 251: Track and Field Technical Certification.  If the option does not appear, refresh your browser and the menu option will appear.


By registering for TFA 251: Track and Field Technical Certification I agree that:

• The presentations of this program are designed for my use only with this course offered by the Track and Field Academy. Duplicating or distributing all or any portion of this course is prohibited.

• The materials issued to me in this online course curriculum are for my private, personal use as a reference resource. Use in any other way is strictly prohibited. Duplicating, distributing, posting, broadcasting, printing, or publishing these materials is strictly prohibited.

• I must complete all lessons to attain the TFTC Certification, and must complete the examination within 30 days of purchasing the course.

TFA251: Track and Field Technical Certification
195.00 $