The 400 Level Topical Courses are courses in specific areas of coaching practice. They serve as credit granting courses in the Master’s Program. They are also available to anyone who is not interested in certification, but simply wishes to use them for educational purposes or professional development. The Track & Field Academy is the only educational program for coaches that offers such a wide variety of topical courses, and thoroughly covers peripheral areas of coaching practice.


403. Testing & Measurement.   A 4 hour course in testing procedures and data analysis. The course is designed to assist coached in developing testing programs, interpreting data, performance prediction, and to familiarize the coach with norms for high level performance.

404.  Meet Management for the Track & Field Coach.  A 6 hour course covering all facets of Meet Operations including meet information, entries, timing, equipment, scheduling, managing officials, promotions, athlete flow, and cross country meet management.

405. Sports Psychology for the Track & Field Coach.   A 6 hour course covering key aspects of Sports Psychology pertinent to the coach including psychological skills, forming effective practice environments, motivational factors, and preparation for major meets.

406.  Injury Management for the Track & Field Coach.   A 6 hour course designed to improve the coach’s knowledge of injuries and ability to communicate with medical professional. The course covers tissues, common injury, the healing process, training modalities, and rehabilitation practices.

407. Weight Training for the Track & Field Coach.  A 6 hour course in weight training for Track and Field. Topics include adaptations to weight training, weight training exercise selection, technique, and teaching, and weight training program design for all event area.

408.  Sports Science for the Speed & Power Events.  A 12 hour course covering applicative science for sprint, hurdle, jump, and throw training programs. Topics include motor learning, speed/power physiology, biomechanics, musculoskeletal function, and growth and development.

409.  Sports Science for the Endurance Events.  A 12 hour course covering applicative science for middle distance, distance, racewalking, and cross country training programs. Topics include several physiology related issues, biomechanics, and growth and development.


The 400 Level Topical Courses are typically offered annual in conjunction with the USTFCCCA Convention. A listing of the courses available can be found on our Upcoming Course Offerings page or in the Convention Schedule.


For additional information about the 400 Level Topical Courses or related course offerings, contact Mary McInnis at mary@ustfccca.org or (504) 599-8900.


What’s Special About the 400 Level Courses?
They aren’t offered anywhere else. The Track & Field Academy is the only program that offers courses in so many diverse areas, including areas peripheral to coaching practice.

Why take the 400 Level Courses?
The 400 level courses assist you in developing your coaching by addressing areas that are not commonly addressed in Coaching Education programs. In additional to becoming a more knowledgeable coach, you become better equipped as a problem solver in all coaching situations. These classes also count as credit to earning high level Academy certifications.

Will these courses certify me?
No, none of these courses alone constitutes a certification.

Can I take These If I Don’t want to Get Certified?
Yes. The course are available to any coach at any time to use for professional development purposes, whether the coach is seeking certification of not.

Academy Policies

Academy Courses Currently For Sale

Dates Course Offered  
Online 251: Track & Field Technical Certification Online REGISTER
Jun 27 - Jul 1, 2022TFA304. Throwing Event Specialist Certification (ONLINE)REGISTER
Jun 27 - Jul 1, 2022TFA306. Combined Event Specialist Certification (ONLINE)REGISTER
Jul 6 - Jul 11, 2022TFA302. Sprint, Hurdle, & Relay Event Specialist Certification (ONLINE)REGISTER
Jul 6 - Jul 10, 2022TFA303. Jumping Event Specialist Certification (ONLINE)REGISTER
Jul 6 - Jul 10, 2022TFA305. Endurance Event Specialist Certification (ONLINE)REGISTER
Jul 13 - Jul 13, 2021TFA410. Performance Nutrition for Track & Field (ONLINE)REGISTER
Jul 20, 2022TFA403. Test & Measurements in Track & Field Coaching (ONLINE)REGISTER
Jul 26 - Jul 27, 2022TFA406. Injury Management for the Track & Field Coach (ONLINE)REGISTER
Jul 28 - Jul 29, 2022TFA409. Sports Science for Endurance Events (ONLINE)REGISTER
Aug 1 - Aug 2, 2022TFA404. Meet Management for the Track & Field Coach (ONLINE)REGISTER
Aug 3 - Aug 5, 2022TFA310. Strength & Conditioning Coach Certification (ONLINE)REGISTER
Aug 9 - Aug 10, 2021TFA408. Sports Science for Speed & Power Events (ONLINE)REGISTER
Aug 11, 2022TFA407. Weight Training for Track & Field (ONLINE)REGISTER
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For additional information, contact Mary McInnis at mary@ustfccca.org or 504-599-8900