The Master’s Program is an extremely high level, detailed course of study in a chosen, specialized event area. The Master’s Program, the Track and Field Academy’s highest level and most rigorous technical certification, is granted for completing all of the program’s requirements. The course of study is designed to teach Master’s candidates advanced sport sciences and applications to practical coaching, advanced training design and administration, advanced cuing and cue systems, and meet day coaching. The Program consists of the following parts:

1. The SCC. The Specialist Certification Courses (300 levels) focus on a certain event area and must be completed in the candidate’s selected area prior to applying for the Program’s Mentorship. 

2. Coursework. All Academy coursework, as detailed in the Course Catalog section of the website, must be fulfilled to complete the Master’s Program. The coursework mainly consists of 400 level courses and may be taken before or after the completion of the SCC.

3. The AEC*. The Advanced Endorsement Courses (500 levels) are the narrowest and most specialized, event-specific courses offered by the TFA. The AEC in the applicant’s chosen Master’s Program must be completed before submitting their Mentorship application. *Previously known as the Master’s Certification    

4. Mentorship. The Master’s Mentorship is the final step in completing the Master’s Program. The yearlong mentorship must be applied for and its application may not be submitted, nor the mentorship begun, prior to completion of the previous steps.



  • Short Sprints
  • Long Sprints
  • Hurdles
  • Horizonal Jumps
  • High Jump
  • Pole Vault
  • Hammer Throw
  • Javelin Throw
  • Shot Put and Discus Throw
  • Middle Distance
  • Distance
  • Cross Country
  • Combined Events


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Why the Master’s Program?
This Program is the only program of its type that provides a genuine certification for successful completion of its event specific curriculum. The certification serves as evidence that the candidate has undergone the most rigorous track and field professional development experience in the world.

Are there prerequisites before taking the Advanced Endorsement Course (AEC)?
The SCC in the candidate’s corresponding event area and all prerequisite courses must be passed before the AEC and Mentorship can be begun. Please refer to the Course Catalog section of the website for more details.

Is the Program applicable to High School Coaches?
The Program is high level, but the material presented is applicable to athletes of all levels. While the training calendars referenced are based on the academic year, and the curriculum addresses common high school events, the level of detail covered throughout the Program may be beyond certain high school applications.

What does the Master’s Mentorship process entail?
Mentee students must successfully complete the yearlong mentorship, submit their portfolio, be published, and have their mentorship documentation approved in order to successfully complete the Master’ Mentorship.

Does publication in the USTFCCCA Techniques meet the publication requirement?
Yes. If the article meets the other standards, publication in Techniques meets this requirement.

The Track and Field Academy program offers numerous courses and certifications, as well as other continuing education experiences for coaches. A complete listing of the courses and certifications offered can be found in the Course Catalog page of our website.

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Academy Courses Currently For Sale

Dates Course Offered  
Online 251: Track & Field Technical Certification Online REGISTER
Jun 10 - Jul 11, 2024TFA302. Sprint, Hurdle, & Relay Event Specialist Certification - Online/NapervilleREGISTER
Jun 10 - Jul 11, 2024TFA303. Jumping Event Specialist Certification - Online/NapervilleREGISTER
Jun 10 - Jul 11, 2024TFA304. Throwing Event Specialist Certification - Online/NapervilleREGISTER
Jun 10 - Jul 11, 2024TFA305. Endurance Event Specialist Certification - Online/NapervilleREGISTER
Jun 10 - Jul 11, 2024TFA310. Strength & Conditioning Coach Certification - Online/NapervilleREGISTER
Jul 22 - Jul 26, 2024TFA321: Speed Specialist Certification Course (ONLINE)REGISTER
Jul 30 - Aug 1, 2024TFA409. Sports Science for Endurance Events (ONLINE)REGISTER
Jul 30 - Aug 1, 2024TFA408. Sports Science for Speed & Power Events (ONLINE)REGISTER
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